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(Final Fantasy XII, Sailor Moon)

A couple of thing I've been working on. None of these are done, but I hope that some day soonish they all will be.

Final Fantasy XII
Vaan, Balthier

There are a thousand things wrong with Vaan, I know, but I quite like Balthier.

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Sailor Moon
Saturn; Sailor Moon; Neptune; Mercury; Venus

These are all separate pieces; my favorites are Saturn and Neptune. Neptune, by the way, is in water, not fire. >_>

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Comments and constructive criticism welcome--especially since these are all WIP. ♥

(Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon
Minako, Makoto, Rei, Ami

I have no idea why I never posted this, but it was for dark_branwen, who came up with the idea and the poses. I just drew it. Poorly. >_>

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(Sailor Moon, Original)

Sailor Moon, original
Levi, Jack, Venus

Larger version

Mmm, zombie epic. This happened kind of by accident, by which I mean that I was retardedly bored in class. Seventeen hours and sixty-something layers later...

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Neji, Hinata

I know, I know. But it isn't my fault. I swear.

kino: Hey, what Sailor Moon character should I draw?
Molly: Neji and Hinata.
kino: ... Okay.

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Comments and constructive criticism welcome. ♥

(Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon
Sailor Venus

The lineart is pretty eh, but really I just wanted to sketch something up real quick so I could practice coloring. And, for the most part, I like how that part turned out.

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Comments and constructive criticism welcome. ♥

3 sketches (Final Fantasy XII)

i. Balthier
The first time I've ever drawn this bastard's face and been satisfied with it. Gah.

Too bad the rest of him didn't work out.Collapse )

ii. Vaan, pt. 1
Because I really wanted to draw Vaan in Balthier's vest.

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iii. Vaan, pt. 2
The highlight of my Halloween was managing to successfully transfer an image in my head onto paper for once, and now I have this smexy sketch of Vaan, well-fucked and bedroom-eyed. The red sash is the reason I wanted to draw this and is still what makes it so perfect for me.

I don't know if anyone will find it as sexy as I do, but then again, I don't know if anyone has a gag fetish like I do. ♥

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Comments and constructive criticism welcome. ♥

(Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon

Her arm is too yellow, her neck got screwed up somewhere along the way, and naturally the scanner ate my colors. Otherwise I quite like it.

The gorgeous photo I used as reference can be found here.

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Comments and constructive criticism welcome. ♥


Rock Lee

Another colored doodle. lolol I know the proportions are ALL WRONG, whatever.

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(Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon
Queen Serenity

Just a little doodle I scanned and colored in GIMP. I always imagine Queen Serenity was much more haughty than our protagonists fondly remember.

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Comments and constructive criticism always welcome. ♥

(Sailor Moon)

Fandom: Sailor Moon
Character: Eternal Sailor Moon
Larger version

NSFW for scantily-clad Sailor Senshi.

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Comments and constructive criticism welcome. ♥